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After being carded for an 18+ show by two of the most serious security guards I’ve ever seen, I got to see Los Campesinos! which according to the Chilean contractor that is fixing up my house means “the farmers”. It was a pretty fun show. It took 45 minutes for the band to come on and the NYC crowd, which didn’t seem like the dancing type, to start to jump up and down (I thought the floor was going to give out, it was really bending!). After some mic trouble, which left singer Gareth singing out of two mics at the same time, they played all the favourites, including: “Death to Los Campesinos”, “We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives”, “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks”, and the crowd went absolutely nuts for “You! Me! Dancing!”. It was kind of funny to hear Gareth say that they didn’t really like New York City, and then have the rest of the band say that they did after the next song to fan the flames. So yeah, fun show, go see them if they are playing near you, it will be worth it! I miss England.

Here’s a few more pics from the show:

and here’s their new(ish?) video for “My Year in Lists”:

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I just saw Adam Green last night at Town Hall in NYC. Laura Marling opened. She played to a half empty hall, and had to deal with the noise of the doors opening every 2 seconds to let in more people. She didn’t play for more than 25 minutes. I really wished she would have played second as the second act, Tim Fite, was probably one of the worst things i had ever seen. The band consisted of him and his brother. He held a guitar for about 3 minutes and that was the last of the live instruments. All of their music was pre-recorded and shown on a video screen, while they sang along. Complete waste of time. Adam Green was really goofy and fun. He put on a pretty good show. I’m just upset that Laura didn’t get a longer set. She is a million times better than Tim Fite and deserved better than playing to a half empty hall.

So here’s to you Laura Marling! I hope you come back soon and play your own show at a proper venue.

Oh and Ashley Olsen was sitting 5 seats away from me!

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