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I miss the Softies

I wish more than anything that the softies would get back to together and make about 10 more albums. They have left us with some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. With only a couple of guitars and their soft, breathy voices harmonizing along, they have left us with music that is good for the best of times and the worst. I don’t know if anybody even knows who they are because I’ve never heard anybody talk about them, but they deserve much more recognition than they receive, even though they’re not together anymore.

So go out and buy the CD It’s Love, or Holiday in Rhode Island, sit under a tree on a nice sunny day, or curl up by the window on a sad and rainy day and fall in love with the softies, because it’s kind of hard not to.

The Best Days

By the way, Rose Melberg, one half of the softies, is still making music. Well kinda. Her last solo album was released in 2006 and was called Cast Away the Clouds. Here’s a live performance of the song “Each New Day” off of that album:

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