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I was thrilled to find out while doing my rounds of my favourite music sites that Tyler Ramsey has been featured on Daytrotter, performing five of his songs off of his outstanding LP, entitled A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea. In his Daytrotter performance he sounds pretty much like he does on the album, but if you are not familiar with him I definitely suggest you check him out. He writes some pretty beautiful songs, and his guitar playing is impeccable.

Click here to listen…

And here is a video of Tyler performing the song “Ships”:

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I am absolutely loving Tyler Ramsey’s newest album, entitled A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea. I have been listening to it non stop along with that Pete & The Pirates record that I have previously mentioned. My song of the week is the first song on the album. A very appropriate opener in which Ramsey sings about his inspiration for the album, which was a dream he had about swimming across the see (Duh!). Anyways, listen to the whole song through to the end…the outro is very nice.

Tyler Ramsey – A Long Dream

I also wrote a review of the album for my friends at The Yellow Bird Project, so if you feel like reading my thoughts on the album check it out!

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