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Andrew Bird

Now that 2008 is gone for good it is time to get excited about the new year. I know many people who have said that 2008 wasn’t a good year for music. To these people I say you are crazy. 2008 for me was an incredible year for music. But that is all behind us. We can now look ahead to what is to come.

Thanks to Pitchfork who has compiled a list of albums being released this winter, we now have a better idea of what is to come. And while I haven’t heard of many of the artists or bands on the list there were many that I did know. Here are just a few of the upcoming albums that I am dying to hear:

Andrew BirdNoble Beast (Jan 20)

Or, the WhaleLight Poles and Pines (Jan 20)

AC NewmanGet Guilty (Jan 20)

Of MontrealAn Eluardian Instance EP & Jon Brion Remix EP (Jan 27)

Strand of OaksLeave Ruin (Jan 27)

The Guggenheim GrottoHappy The Man (Jan 27)

Lonely DearDear John (Jan 27)

Antony & the JohnsonsCrying Light (Jan 29)

ZOMBISpirit Animal (Feb 3)

Lily AllenIt’s Not Me, It’s You (Feb 9)

Hot PandaVolcano…Bloody Volcano! (Feb 9)

MalajubeLabyrinthes (Feb 10)

BeirutMarch of the Zapotec (Feb 16)

M. WardHold Time (Feb 16)

Weird OwlEver The Silver Cord Be Loosed (Feb 16)

Maia HirasawaThough, I’m Just Me (Feb 16)

Charles SpearinThe Happiness Project (Feb 16)

MorrisseyYear of Refusal (Feb 16)

Canadian InvasionThree Cheers For The Invisible Hand (Feb 17)

The Boy Least Likely ToThe Law of the Playground (March 3)

Mirah(a)spera (March 10)

ArbouretumSong of the Pearl (March 10)

Bishop AllenGrr… (March 10)

The DecemberistsHazards of Love (March 24)

Great Lake SwimmersLost Channels (March 31)

Grizzly Bear’s new album (March)

MSTRKRFTFist of God (March)

MidlakeThe Courage of Others

Basia BulatTouch The Hem Of His Garment

AnnieDon’t Stop

Golden TriangleGolden Triangle

Sea WolfA Wolf At The Table

Mew’s new album

Imogen Heap’s new album

Mumford & Sons’ album

Camera Obscura’s new album

Akron/Family’s new album

Bell Orchestre’s new album

Doves’ new album

Metric’s new album

Just thinking about all of these upcoming albums is getting me really excited.

To celebrate the birth of new music here are some samples from upcoming albums from some of my favourite bands and artists.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (from upcoming LP)

Andrew Bird – Useless Creatures (Bonus Disc from upcoming album, Noble Beast)

click to listen

Lily Allen – The Fear (From upcoming album)

AC Newman – There May Be Ten or Twelve (from upcoming Get Guilty)

Canadian Invasion – Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand (from upcoming album)

What albums are you most excited to hear in the upcoming year? (oh boy I’m still rhyming)

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Hey, I’m back! Did ya miss me?
In case you were wondering…I had a wonderful time in London! But enough about that! Let’s get down to business.

The next Juno is here! Well it’s coming out in October. And it’s not actually Juno but it is Michael Cera’s new romantic teen comedy with an amazing soundtrack, entitled Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. This soundtrack is going to give the Juno soundtrack a run for it’s money. Just look at the list of bands on it:

-Chris bell (of Big Star)
-Devendra Banhart
-Bishop Allen
-Vampire Weekend (with Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo)
-The Dead 60’s
-Takka Takka
-The Submarines
-We Are Scientists
-Band of Horses
-Army Navy
-Richard Hawley
-Shout Out Louds
-Paul Tiernan

What the? Not one song involving Kimya Dawson? Weird…Maybe it’s not that kinda movie.

Anyways, i have no idea how the movie will be, but I am super excited for the music!

Here’s the trailer:

Other than that, after visiting Rough Trade Records East in London or as I like to call it: the best record store I’ve ever been to, I’ve compiled a list of new bands and artists that I will be checking out in the coming days/weeks. Here is the list:

-The Jimmy Cake
-The Little Ones
-The Owl Service
-Josephine Foster and the Supposed
-Laura Gibson
-Bodies of Water

So if you know any of these bands please tell me what you think, or what songs to listen to.

Ok now I’m going back to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and then bed. I’ve been up for something like 20 hours. Go Canada!

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