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In the spirit of the season (seeing them play live Saturday in Central Park) I have decided to honor Born Ruffians’ performance by making my song of the week for this week “Little Garςon”, which is off of their debut album “Red , Yellow & Blue”. This is by far my favourite song on the album. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole album, but there’s just something about this song. It just makes me super happy. Have a listen…

For all you little garςons…and filles that are stuck in bed: Born Ruffians – Little Garςon

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(Me with a lot of other very wet Vampire Weekend fans waiting for the 6 train)

I wouldn’t know how this was because i left just as Born Ruffians’ set was finishing and the torrential rain started. Considering i got completely drenched from head to toe on the way home, I kind of wish I had stayed. I guess I just assumed it would be canceled. I really don’t know how nobody got electrocuted. Anyways, my fellow Canadian Born Ruffians sounded great, but unfortunately they only played like 5 songs. I don’t get why the set was so short, but what they did play was great! Too bad…I’ll have to wait to see Vampire Weekend live for the first time.

Here are some videos from the show:

Born Ruffians – Barnacle Goose:

Vampire Weekend – Walcott:

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