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Wow it’s been forever! Unfortunately due to school and midterms and such I haven’t had any time to devote any attention to my poor little blog. As midterms are coming to a close I’d like to get back into the swing of things. A band that I’ve been listening to non stop lately is Department of Eagles. This is the band that Grizzly Bear member Daniel Rossen got started in. Apparently they have been around since 2001, but I just found out about them a week ago while I was listening to Left of Center on Sirius. It turns out they have just released a new album called In Ear Park and let me tell you, it is excellent. They sound kind of like Grizzly Bear with a twist. They have also been popping up on my favourite internet sites and tv shows as well. They performed on Daytrotter just a few days ago. Take a listen to a couple of songs from that performance:

Department of Eagles – Phantom Other (Live on Daytrotter)

Department of Eagles – Herring Bone (Live on Daytrotter)

They also recently performed my favourite song of theirs on my favourite late night show, Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Take a look:

“No One Does it Like You” Live on Conan:

I hope I can see them live in the near future.

So…What’s everybody else listening to lately?

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I was thrilled to find out while doing my rounds of my favourite music sites that Tyler Ramsey has been featured on Daytrotter, performing five of his songs off of his outstanding LP, entitled A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea. In his Daytrotter performance he sounds pretty much like he does on the album, but if you are not familiar with him I definitely suggest you check him out. He writes some pretty beautiful songs, and his guitar playing is impeccable.

Click here to listen…

And here is a video of Tyler performing the song “Ships”:

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I don’t remember where I heard about them first, but on one of my quests for new music, I came upon this band called Bodies of Water. I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about them. They kind of sound like a mix of the Polyphonic Spree, Tilly and the Wall and the Choir Practice all rolled together into one big ball of goodness. But they really and truly sound like themselves. A really original sounding band. The first song that got me hooked was “These are the Eyes”, which is off of their debut LP, entitled Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink. So that would be a good start if you would like to hear what they sound like. I’m just getting into their second LP, entitled A Certain Feeling, which came out on July 22nd, and I am already loving it. I have a feeling this band might become huge, so if you have a chance to see them now then I suggest you do so. I will post their current tour dates at the bottom. They played Divan Orange, here in Montreal, a few nights ago but I didn’t find out about the show until 3 hours after they were scheduled to play! Huge piss off. Oh well, I’ll have to wait till they come round again.

And now for the samples!

Bodies of Water – These are the Eyes (the song I first fell in love with)

Bodies of Water – Doves Circled The Sky

Bodies of Water – Under the Pines (off of the new album)

And here’s a video that was made for the song “I Heard it Sound”, which is also from the new album:

And click here to check out their recent Daytrotter performance

And finally, here are their dates so you can go see this amazingness live:

  • 8.13.08 – New York, NY – The Mercury Lounge
  • 8.15.08 – Brooklyn, NY – Union Hall
  • 8.16.08 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s
  • 8.17.08 – Washington, DC – Black Cat Backstage
  • 8.18.08 – Columbus, OH – Cafe Bourbon St Annex
  • 8.19.08 – Indianapolis, IN – Locals Only
  • 8.23.08 – The Streets of Silverlake – Sunset Junction
  • 9.2.08 – Vancouver, BC – The Media Club
  • 9.3.08 – Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
  • 9.4.08 – Portland, OR – Holocene
  • 9.5.08 – Salem, OR
  • 9.7.08 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
  • 9.8.08 – San Luis Obispo, CA
  • 9.9.08 – San Diego, CA – The Casbah
  • 9.10.08 – Los Angeles our home at the Echo

Have fun!

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Remember how I was saying how Bon Iver is Everywhere? Well I have spotted him on another one of my favourite music sites. This time Bon Iver has been featured on Daytrotter, performing the amazing “Flume” as well as “Lump Sum”, “Stacks” and “Creature Fear”.

Not only are we seeing Bon Iver all over the internet, he is also coming to a town near you, or at least a town near me. I already have my tickets to the Bon Iver show that will take place on Wedensday at the Cabaret in Montreal. Good thing too because the show is sold out. I can’t wait to hear that amazing voice live.

Bon Iver on Daytrotter

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