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I’ve been listening to the Pomegranates album for the past 2 weeks and I’ve just had an epiphany. After looking for pictures of the band to put in this post I realized that I’ve seen this band play live before and it was only 2 months ago. It was on a night when I was going to see Chris Garneau play in NYC. I vaguely remember the opening band playing some songs, some good, some just okay. In the end, I ended up enjoying the performance but I quickly forgot about the openers when Chris came on (he was amazing as always). Anyways, as I have said, I had completely forgot about that opening band until right now when I realized that this Pomegranates band that I have been listening to for the past two weeks is the same band that opened for Chris Garneau that night. Pretty shocking stuff. I feel stupid. Right….

So my song of the week is by Pomegranates! it’s called “In The Kitchen”. It is off their debut album, which is called Everything is Alive. Sorry for not paying more attention that night guys. No hard feelings.

Pomegranates – In The Kitchen


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