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The Flaming Lips - Embryonic

It’s been awhile since a did one of these and I was driving around listening to the new Flaming Lips album and thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to write a song of the week post. I’m still not sure as to whether I’m really in love with the new album (a few more listens should do it) but I can officially say that I am in love with this song. It’s called “I Can Be A Frog” and throughout the song lead singer Wayne Coyne sings lines like “I can be a bear” or “I can be a monkey” followed by a sound effect of a girl imitating the thing that Waye Coyne describes. Sounds kind of weird I Guess but I dunno…there’s a certain odd charm to this song. It’s even kind of spooky! Hope you like it…

The Flaming Lips – “I Can Be A Frog”

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