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Of Montreal is a great band to be a fan of. They put out an album a year and they tour incessently. Sometimes I wonder, does Kevin Barnes ever sleep? Or merely stop writing songs? I think not. “Nonpareil of Favor” will be the leadoff track on Of Montreal’s new album, which comes out on October 7th, entitled Skeletal Lamping. This track starts out really nice, gets a bit noisy for my taste halfway through and sort of stays that way throughout the rest of the song. I Don’t think it will be my favourite song on the album, but who knows. I just can’t wait to hear this thing in full. I’m sure it will be great because as far as I know, Kevin Barnes isn’t capable of writing bad music.

Take a listen:

Of Montreal – Non Pareil of Favor

And for good measure, here’s the last song on the album:

Of Montreal – Id Engager

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