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Lykke Li

I’m not sure if this is old news but Lykke Li covering Kings of Leon is pretty big news to me. And what’s even better is that she covers one of KOL’s songs that isn’t on the new album. Not to say the new album isn’t great, it’s just not for me. Here’s Lykke Li performing “Knocked Up” live:

Ok the Kings of Leon version is better, but still a nice cover. Thanks Lykke!

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I just got Sirius satellite radio, and while there are a lot of pretty useless channels I have found one that I have been listening to pretty frequently. It is called Left of Center and they pretty much play everything that I listen to on a daily basis while introducing me to some cool new stuff as well. So far I have heard them play Pinback, The Shins, Islands, Sonic Youth, Vampire Weekend, Radiohead, Bon Iver, The Arcade Fire, Interpol and Ratatat. Not only do they play a lot of great music, but they have some amazing special performances and programs. All of next week, Kings of Leon will co-host the afternoon show, and on Friday, Beck will play his entire new album, Modern Guilt, while throwing in a couple of other songs here and there. Pretty awesome stuff.

Does anyone know of any other Sirius sations worth listening to?

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I wasn’t a huge fan of their last album but loved everything they did before that. So I’m a little nervous about this upcoming release, entitled Only By The Night, which will hit stores on September 23. The video is for the song “Sex on Fire”, which is a pretty decent song. Hopefully the album is good. I have this thing where I have really high expectations for bands that I like, so I am constantly disappointed by their new material. For example, it’s taking me awhile to get into the new Bloc Party and Of Montreal albums. Hopefully, the new Kings of Leon will be an instant winner.

Voici le video pour “Sex of Fire”:

Kind of a boring vid if you ask me…like something 3 Doors Down or Nickleback would make. Oh well.

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