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Wow it’s been forever! Unfortunately due to school and midterms and such I haven’t had any time to devote any attention to my poor little blog. As midterms are coming to a close I’d like to get back into the swing of things. A band that I’ve been listening to non stop lately is Department of Eagles. This is the band that Grizzly Bear member Daniel Rossen got started in. Apparently they have been around since 2001, but I just found out about them a week ago while I was listening to Left of Center on Sirius. It turns out they have just released a new album called In Ear Park and let me tell you, it is excellent. They sound kind of like Grizzly Bear with a twist. They have also been popping up on my favourite internet sites and tv shows as well. They performed on Daytrotter just a few days ago. Take a listen to a couple of songs from that performance:

Department of Eagles – Phantom Other (Live on Daytrotter)

Department of Eagles – Herring Bone (Live on Daytrotter)

They also recently performed my favourite song of theirs on my favourite late night show, Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Take a look:

“No One Does it Like You” Live on Conan:

I hope I can see them live in the near future.

So…What’s everybody else listening to lately?

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