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Mix 18

Oh Yeah! Look at that image! And no my latest mixtape isn’t all black metal! Click here to listen…

This Week’s Mixtape:

1. Chris Garneau – “No More Pirates”

2. Dan Deacon – “Snookered”

3. Friendly Fires – “Skeleton Boy”

4. Devendra Banhart – “(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady”

5. Antlers – “Two”

6. Lullatone – “A Mobile Over Your Bed”

7. Hayden – “Let It Last” (Feat. Holly Throsby)

8. The Sounds – “No One Sleeps When I’m Awake”

9. Perhapst – “Incense Cone”

10. Gregory and the Hawk – “Grey Weather”

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Melody MakerThis is kind of adorable and fun at the same time so I thought I would share it with you. Lullatone has created for us a way to make up our very own lullaby. Simply click the raindrops in any order you wish and at any pace and create your very own song. And if you haven’t heard of Lullatone until now, I strongly suggest you check them out. Lovely music they make.

Click here to create your own song about raindrops!

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