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First of all, I really loved this movie. Bolt isn’t a Pixar movie, but the animation is impeccable and it was actually hilarious. The biggest surprise, however, was hearing Jenny Lewis‘ voice halfway through the movie. She sings this beautiful, yet quite kid friendly, little song during a rather touching segment of the movie. I was so happy to hear her voice. When I heard the beginnings of a song I thought for sure it was going to be some Miley Cyrus song, but no, it was indeed the lovely and talented Jenny Lewis. I think it’s great when artists I love do songs for movies. Ben Folds in Over the Hedge, Regina Spektor in Narnia. It just makes the movies that much more enjoyable to watch. That’s just my opinion anyways…oh yeah, here’s the song Jenny sings in the movie. It’s called “Barking at the Moon”:

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