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YBP MixtapeHey guys. I made an extra special Mixtape this week featuring music from bands that are a part of my favourite non-profit organization The Yellow Bird Project. Check it out!

Oh and here’s the tracklist:

1. Stars – Division (B-Side from In Our Bedroom After The War)

2. Of Montreal – “Alter Eagle” (From ID Engager Single)

3. Uninhabitable Mansions – “Do You Have A Strategy?”

4. Broken Social Scene – “Needle In The Head”

5. k-os (feat. Murray Lightburn and Emily Haines) – “Uptown Girl”

6. Holly Throsby – “A Heart Divided”

7. Elvis Perkins In Dearland – “Slow Doomsday”

8. The National (feat. St Vincent) – “Sleep All Summer” (Crooked Fingers Cover)

9. King Creosote – “Camels Swapped For Wives”

10. The Tallest Man On Earth – “A Field Of Birds”

Click here to listen!

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Andrew Bird

Now that 2008 is gone for good it is time to get excited about the new year. I know many people who have said that 2008 wasn’t a good year for music. To these people I say you are crazy. 2008 for me was an incredible year for music. But that is all behind us. We can now look ahead to what is to come.

Thanks to Pitchfork who has compiled a list of albums being released this winter, we now have a better idea of what is to come. And while I haven’t heard of many of the artists or bands on the list there were many that I did know. Here are just a few of the upcoming albums that I am dying to hear:

Andrew BirdNoble Beast (Jan 20)

Or, the WhaleLight Poles and Pines (Jan 20)

AC NewmanGet Guilty (Jan 20)

Of MontrealAn Eluardian Instance EP & Jon Brion Remix EP (Jan 27)

Strand of OaksLeave Ruin (Jan 27)

The Guggenheim GrottoHappy The Man (Jan 27)

Lonely DearDear John (Jan 27)

Antony & the JohnsonsCrying Light (Jan 29)

ZOMBISpirit Animal (Feb 3)

Lily AllenIt’s Not Me, It’s You (Feb 9)

Hot PandaVolcano…Bloody Volcano! (Feb 9)

MalajubeLabyrinthes (Feb 10)

BeirutMarch of the Zapotec (Feb 16)

M. WardHold Time (Feb 16)

Weird OwlEver The Silver Cord Be Loosed (Feb 16)

Maia HirasawaThough, I’m Just Me (Feb 16)

Charles SpearinThe Happiness Project (Feb 16)

MorrisseyYear of Refusal (Feb 16)

Canadian InvasionThree Cheers For The Invisible Hand (Feb 17)

The Boy Least Likely ToThe Law of the Playground (March 3)

Mirah(a)spera (March 10)

ArbouretumSong of the Pearl (March 10)

Bishop AllenGrr… (March 10)

The DecemberistsHazards of Love (March 24)

Great Lake SwimmersLost Channels (March 31)

Grizzly Bear’s new album (March)

MSTRKRFTFist of God (March)

MidlakeThe Courage of Others

Basia BulatTouch The Hem Of His Garment

AnnieDon’t Stop

Golden TriangleGolden Triangle

Sea WolfA Wolf At The Table

Mew’s new album

Imogen Heap’s new album

Mumford & Sons’ album

Camera Obscura’s new album

Akron/Family’s new album

Bell Orchestre’s new album

Doves’ new album

Metric’s new album

Just thinking about all of these upcoming albums is getting me really excited.

To celebrate the birth of new music here are some samples from upcoming albums from some of my favourite bands and artists.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (from upcoming LP)

Andrew Bird – Useless Creatures (Bonus Disc from upcoming album, Noble Beast)

click to listen

Lily Allen – The Fear (From upcoming album)

AC Newman – There May Be Ten or Twelve (from upcoming Get Guilty)

Canadian Invasion – Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand (from upcoming album)

What albums are you most excited to hear in the upcoming year? (oh boy I’m still rhyming)

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Girl Talk

I have been so into this guy lately. Greg Gillis, who is better known as Girl Talk makes some of the funkiest music I have heard in a long time. I am not a big fan of the hip hop. But when Girl Talk mixes hip hop music with Sinead O’Connor, Of Montreal, Radiohead and many, many other amazing bands and artists it just becomes so listenable and interesting. He is the ultimate musical matchmaker. I would never think that I could ever enjoy listening to a song with Kelly Clarkson in it, but the way Girl Talk does it, that Kelly Clarkson part is one of my favourites. I have heard that he puts on quite the show too. And I’m not too suprised judging by his plastic coated lap top.

Take a look at this video created by a teacher and his students from my very own Concordia University in Montreal. The whole thing is made from actual concert footage. Really awesome stuff, check it out. And thanks to Yaniv for the tip.

PS: I’d also like to say thank you to Terry for designing an extra special holiday banner for me! You are amazing! Keep it up.

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Of Montreal is a great band to be a fan of. They put out an album a year and they tour incessently. Sometimes I wonder, does Kevin Barnes ever sleep? Or merely stop writing songs? I think not. “Nonpareil of Favor” will be the leadoff track on Of Montreal’s new album, which comes out on October 7th, entitled Skeletal Lamping. This track starts out really nice, gets a bit noisy for my taste halfway through and sort of stays that way throughout the rest of the song. I Don’t think it will be my favourite song on the album, but who knows. I just can’t wait to hear this thing in full. I’m sure it will be great because as far as I know, Kevin Barnes isn’t capable of writing bad music.

Take a listen:

Of Montreal – Non Pareil of Favor

And for good measure, here’s the last song on the album:

Of Montreal – Id Engager

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This picture fully encapsulates what is David Martel’s first solo album, but far from his first venture into music making, as he has been at it for quite awhile. I first got wind of Martel when he was the lead singer of the band onlyforward. Even then it seemed as if it was Martel’s show. His vibrant and eccentric personality led the way, making the name onlyforward synonymous with the name David Martel.

Four years later, Martel has parted ways with onlyforward, and is now making music on his own, music which has become the framework for his debut solo album, I Hardly Knew Me. Now if we look back to the picture, we see a myriad of instruments ranging from trombone to banjo, all of which can be heard on this record, accompanied by his powerful vocals.

The album opens with “Stories” which serves as an appropriate introduction, offering us a glimpse into what is in store for us. The lush vocal harmonies, the synth, leading into what may described as the album’s catchiest track (or my unofficial favourite) “End of Self”. The song starts off with some awesomely catchy synth reminding me a little bit of Sunlandic Twins era Of Montreal. It came as a surprise to me because it’s different than what I am used to hearing from him, but it also got me excited because while I wasn’t expecting it, it sounds great! The song builds up to an amazing ending, reminding me of something off of Sufjan Steven’s Illinoise album, but still maintaining that uniquely David Martel sound.

One of my favourite things about this album is how each song tells a story in it’s musical composition. These songs aren’t your average 2 and a half minute pop songs. Each song goes through many transformations, building up and then crumbling, surprising you at every turn. Just when you think a song is going to end, it veers in a completely unexpected direction, keeping your ears on their toes (yes…your ears on your toes!)

You can purchase the album online here and on Itunes. I highly recommend it. And definitely make it a point to see him live. I have had the privilege of seeing him live 4 times and each time I am amazed. His live show is something not to be missed.

Martel is currently wrapping up a short tour with a date in New York City next week. He also has a few shows lined up in Montreal in July but the venues are not known yet:

June 20 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, New York
July 10 – tba – Montreal, Quebec
July 22 – tba – Montreal, Quebec
July 31 – tba – Montreal, Quebec

And here is a video of Martel performing “Cancel All Your Plans” live on April 19, 2008 at Cafe Lola Rosa:

Dave Martel’s Myspace

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This is by far my favourite track on MIA’s new album Kala. I was so excited to hear that Of Montreal covered it. I think they definitely did it justice.

Of Montreal – Jimmy (M.I.A. Cover)

In other news, Of Montreal’s next full album is due to be in stores on October 8th, 2008 and it is to be titled Skeletal Lamping. God only knows what Kevin Barnes and the gang will have in store for us this time around.

And it turns out that the M.I.A. version of the song is actually a cover of this!:

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