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I don’t remember where I heard about them first, but on one of my quests for new music, I came upon this band called Bodies of Water. I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about them. They kind of sound like a mix of the Polyphonic Spree, Tilly and the Wall and the Choir Practice all rolled together into one big ball of goodness. But they really and truly sound like themselves. A really original sounding band. The first song that got me hooked was “These are the Eyes”, which is off of their debut LP, entitled Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink. So that would be a good start if you would like to hear what they sound like. I’m just getting into their second LP, entitled A Certain Feeling, which came out on July 22nd, and I am already loving it. I have a feeling this band might become huge, so if you have a chance to see them now then I suggest you do so. I will post their current tour dates at the bottom. They played Divan Orange, here in Montreal, a few nights ago but I didn’t find out about the show until 3 hours after they were scheduled to play! Huge piss off. Oh well, I’ll have to wait till they come round again.

And now for the samples!

Bodies of Water – These are the Eyes (the song I first fell in love with)

Bodies of Water – Doves Circled The Sky

Bodies of Water – Under the Pines (off of the new album)

And here’s a video that was made for the song “I Heard it Sound”, which is also from the new album:

And click here to check out their recent Daytrotter performance

And finally, here are their dates so you can go see this amazingness live:

  • 8.13.08 – New York, NY – The Mercury Lounge
  • 8.15.08 – Brooklyn, NY – Union Hall
  • 8.16.08 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s
  • 8.17.08 – Washington, DC – Black Cat Backstage
  • 8.18.08 – Columbus, OH – Cafe Bourbon St Annex
  • 8.19.08 – Indianapolis, IN – Locals Only
  • 8.23.08 – The Streets of Silverlake – Sunset Junction
  • 9.2.08 – Vancouver, BC – The Media Club
  • 9.3.08 – Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
  • 9.4.08 – Portland, OR – Holocene
  • 9.5.08 – Salem, OR
  • 9.7.08 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
  • 9.8.08 – San Luis Obispo, CA
  • 9.9.08 – San Diego, CA – The Casbah
  • 9.10.08 – Los Angeles our home at the Echo

Have fun!

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