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SeaI know not everyone is into classical music but I had the opportunity to see a classical music concert last week on Canada Day and I really enjoyed the show. They played these Suites by 20th century American composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and it reminded me of pirate music. So in honour of pirates and Canada Day and classical music and Terry Cohen, the best timpanist in all the land here is the encore of the show.

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God Help The Girl

Ouuuu la la! They made a video for “Come Monday Night”, the awesome first single from Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian’s new movie. The whole album is quite lovely if I do say so myself. It’s pretty much like a new B&S album and I am loving it. Reminds me of summers long ago when I first discovered Belle & Sebastian and wore my Belle & Sebastian pin on my bag with pride and everyone would ask me “What’s Belle & Sebastian?” and I’d say “It’s this really great band” and they’d say “oh” and lose interest and I’d go back to my crossword puzzle. I really can’t wait to see the actual movie. Good to have you back Mr. Murdoch.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I am loving this version of “This God Damn House” by The Low Anthem. Thanks Baeble.

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Pet Shop Boys

I love this song very very much. It can be found on their latest album Yes. I highly recommend it! So happy to have these guys back.

Pet Shop Boys Myspace

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The new video from fellow Montrealer, Tiga, has just the right mix of weirdness and goodness that makes me want to share it with you. He has a new album in stores now called “Ciao!”. If you like this cluby dancy stuff then I suggest you pick it up! Here’s the video:

(edit: Danish Poet this one’s for you!)

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I don’t remember when I took this video or where the show was. All I know is that it was a few years ago, and it was in Montreal. I think the show was either at Metropolis or Spectrum. I do remember that it was a really fun show! It was just after The Crane Wife was released so they played a lot of that album, but they also played a few oldies if I remember correctly. I remember that the Decemberists are big on audience participation. The first time I saw them they got the whole audience to scream at the top of their lungs during “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” and the last time I saw them they staged this battle in the middle of the crowd. It was quite funny. Anyways, this is a video of them playing “Culling of the Fold”, which is a B-side from The Crane Wife. I really love this song. The violin is awesome. Check it out. An interesting moment is when Colin Meloy takes a cell phone from someone in the audience, calls someone on it, and then sings the rest of the song into it. Priceless.

In other Decemberists news…

According to their official site they will be releasing a series of 3 mini albums, starting in October,  with new Decemberists music for our listening pleasure. The albums will be called Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series. Oh those Decemberists are crafty. Here’s the full message from the Decemberists to you:

Points of Order:
• Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series debuts in October!
• Pre-order available through the Decemberists Shop.
• The Band is Currently in the Studio
• Insound throws a design party, Decemberists are implicated

Summer is upon us; our oscillating fans are circulating warm, jasmine-perfumed
air through our bedrooms and ossuaries.  The taste of tangerine sorbet
is perpetually on one’s palette.  Our feet are finding themselves often
submerged in mixing bowls filled with ice water.  Summer is upon us.
Which brings to mind a slurry of news regarding your humble Pac NW Decemberists.

First and foremost, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve recorded a tidy heap
of material which we’re releasing as 12″ vinyl and digital singles over
the course of three Autumnal months. This ‘singles series’ is aptly
titled “Always the Bridesmaid” and will prominently feature songs that
the Decemberists really loved but presciently felt they would not fit
on the band’s forthcoming LP.

The first volume will hit fine
indie record stores everywhere on October 14th, and will be comprised
of “Valerie Plame,” and “O New England” on the A and B side,

The second volume, “Days of Elaine” b/w “Days of
Elaine (Long)” and “I’m Sticking With You,” will be released on
November 4th.  In celebration of both Volume 2’s release and the
promise of a shiny new administration, the Decemberists will be
performing “Valerie Plame” on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on the 3rd
of November.

The third and final volume, “Record Year for Rainfall,” b/w “Raincoat Song,” will be released on December 2nd.

Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series will be available on high-grade 12″
vinyl and digital format in the US and 7″ vinyl and digital in the UK.
The lovely folks at Rough Trade will be overseeing the UK release of
the series, Capitol Records will oversee the US digital release and the
band’s new imprint, Y.A.B.B. Records (in association with Jealous
Butcher) will release the 12″ vinyl version.  The digital release will
likely be available world-wide.
You can pre-order the 12″ version of the singles on colored vinyl EXCLUSIVELY through the Decemberists Shop (www.decemberistsshop.com)

NOW.  You can either have them arrive at your doorstep in the three
installments or you can have them, all three, delivered in one shot
around the release of the 3rd single on December 2nd.  You’ll be happy
to know that no small effort has gone into the design and manufacture
of these beauties — each one will be on 180 gram vinyl in a rather
lovely custom jacket.  The shop will also be making available two (his
‘n’ hers) t-shirts to coincide with the singles’ release.
this mysterious LP which proved an inhospitable home to these little
pop gems?  The band is currently hard at work in the studio trying to
tame its mangy throw.  It’s a tough bit of leather. . .a little mossy,
a little evil.  More on that later.

And what better time than summer to consider purchasing a fetching new t-shirt, as designed by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes (www.thesmallstakes.com).  Jason did a nifty design for a Decemberists t-shirt, along with 19 other bands, and you can check them all out at www.insound.com/insound20.  Drop in the code “Insound20dec” for a fan-friendly discount.

That’s all for now!  Keep those toes under water!  And REGISTER TO VOTE!!!!


The Decemberists

Can’t wait to hear it!

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